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Specializing in Anxiety, Depression and Sleep Problems. At the Positive Psychology Group we are utilizing the latest research findings to move people past their problems and on to their potential.

What is Positive Psychology?

Positive Psychology is a term coined by former American Psychological Association President Martin E. P. Seligman. The Positive Psychology movement emphasizes what is right with people over what is wrong in their lives. Positive Psychology therapy goes beyond the traditional elimination of negative states that disrupt life. This therapeutic approach moves on to developing the things that are right about you. At Positive Psychology Group we create an environment of hope and strength through learning how to practice Gratitude. Words like complaining, gossip and criticism take a back door to words like flow, mindfulness, love, authenticity, purpose and talents, which are all used frequently.

"Let's talk about what is right about you" and "Let's name the good and let's begin the change". Most of you will need help doing this as our day to day lives emphasize the negative and consequently we forget who we are and what we need. It is our hope at Positive Psychology Group that we may be of some help to you should you have retreated from an active participation in life by helping you rekindle the joy in life that has somehow been hidden and suppressed.

David Vickery, Ph.D.

is a Licensed Psychologist who received his doctorate in psychology from the University of Georgia. He has been a Professor of Psychology at Union University for 37 years. He is also the founder/director of Positive Psychology Group and has been in private practice as a psychologist for 36 years. Dr. Vickery defines his time by staying intentional about "The Good Life". His extensive experience has taught him the value of personal accountability to what he teaches. During these years of practice he has become dedicated to helping his clients discover and nurture states that make life worth living rather than relieving states that make life miserable. In other words, helping clients live "The Good Life". Also, he is the co-founder of Neurohealth Solutions and Life Visions 120

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Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi coined the term "Being In Flow" when we get involved in something so deeply that nothing else matters and we forget about time. We are "In The Zone" whether it be at work or play. This flow increases our energy and sense of well-being.

We are all talented in various ways, but many of us are in jobs that rely more on our learned skills rather than our innate talents. We may be great at what we do, but unless we are using our talents we are working against the grain and headed for burnout. An awareness of our talents and finding ways to use them can create Flow that gives us energy each and every day.


Mindfulness is being fully present and aware of your activities as you go through the day. Rather than concentrating on the outcome, we are able to pay attention to the beauty that surrounds us at all times. If our mind is locked in the past with unforgiveness or in the future with worry, then we are not in the present and are missing life. We are not experiencing life with openness and creativity. We become too rigid in our thinking and lose our ability to respond reasonably or compassionately.

Related to mindfulness is a new field of investigation on Savoring. We are practicing Savoring when we intentionally focus our attention on a pleasurable sensation trying to extract every nuance associated with that experience. We do not just "stop and smell the roses", we actually stop and savor the experience of the roses.


Having a positive relationship is one of the best predictors of happiness and life satisfaction. Studies consistently report married people are happier and healthier than single people. When we become vulnerable to someone we trust and they understand us in ways few people do, then we are able to go through life without feeling lonely. When we isolate ourselves to avoid being hurt or to avoid self-disclosure, then we experience loneliness, not love.


The requirement for honest self-examination is not only an awareness of our talents, but also a knowledge of our interior lives. Only then are we able to give an honest presentation of ourselves to others which facilitates trust. Authenticity involves the ability to recognize and take responsibility for our psychological experiences plus the ability to behave in ways that are consistent with those experiences. A honest self-examination and self-presentation are necessary if we are to lead "The Good Life".


A basic human need is to have meaning in life so we can feel purpose and enhance our sense of self-worth. Martin E. P. Seligman points out if we use our signature strengths in work, love, play and parenting, we feel the positive emotion of gratification and move toward an authentic happiness. If we were to use these signature strengths in service of something larger and more significant than ourselves, then we would experience a meaningful life. The larger that something is, the more meaningful and purposeful our lives become.

Office Policies

This office uses a self-pay system. This means that you pay at the time of each visit. I accept major credit cards, cash or checks. Coverage of services is an arrangement between clients and their insurance carriers. In addition, your confidentiality and privacy can be compromised when claims are filed. Should you choose to file, I can write a receipt for the session and provide a generic form that insurance carriers will accept.

Simply call for an appointment and leave your phone number(s) so that I can return your call, schedule an appointment time plus answer any questions you may have regarding fees, etc. The phone number for the Franklin office is 615.689.2924 and for the Jackson office is 731.664.8444. There is a charge for missed appointments and for appointments cancelled less than 24 hours in advance. When appointments are missed or cancelled at the last minute, it prevents others who want an appointment from being scheduled.